Carleton University Quidditch is a student club run out of Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. The team is certified by the Carleton University Students’ Association and is an official member of the International Quidditch Association.

Since its humble beginnings in January 2010, the team has evolved from a ragtag group of 14 players playing pickup quidditch in the snow to a multifaceted organization actively involved in the Carleton and Ottawa communities.

There are three main branches of Carleton University Quidditch:

—   The competitive teams made up of approximately 20 players each selected after tryouts in September. These players practice and train regularly during the school year and represent Carleton at local, national and international competitions.
—   The recreational team made up of close to 50 players who drop in to play quidditch on Friday afternoons as their schedules allow.
—   The outreach branch of the team which is dedicated to taking working with schools, community groups and non-profit organizations in both quidditch and non-quidditch related capacities. This involves leading quidditch workshops at schools, teaching quidditch at community festivals and sending teams to fundraising events like Relay for Life.